Art Residency and Solo exhibition in Yiri Arts Space in Taichung, Taiwan

The colored arch in the sky that is often seen after a rain. The rainbow is formed when water droplets in the air meet sunlight. It's any bright multicolored arrangement, a visionary goal, an illusory hope. It's also a metaphore for diversity, potential, creativity. It connects two separated places, it gives hope. Rainbow is also acciociated with yin and yang, a perfect harmony between all colors. You could also see it as a sort of a challenge : you need sun and rain to create a rainbow so two different atmospheric phenomena.

During my stay in Taichung I would like to make a comparison with the diversity of Taiwanese cites comparing to Belgian ones. I've been always fascinated by warm countries, in another continent and as a child I've always wondered how it is on the other side. I've been mind blown when I've seen a palm tree for the first time. Taiwan has for me so many different colors and tastes that you can't find in Belgium. For me it is like a rainbow being able to connect and explore another part of the world for a longer period of time. I would like to show this diversity in my paintings inspired by a range of rainbow colors as a metaphor.